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What happened? Is Premier Designs closing its doors?

Unfortunately, yes, on December 31st, 2020. Here is a bit of information from Tim Horner.

Since 1985, Premier Designs has honored its founding purpose by serving others and enriching lives. My parents, Andy and Joan Horner, founded this company with people as their most important asset. Their deep Christian faith demanded of them honesty and integrity in all of their decisions. They truly built a company that honored God and served people for 35 years.

During these past few years there have been many changes in the business world. We have worked hard to adjust to those disruptions. We have tried many things in recent years but nothing has allowed us to regain momentum and growth. As a result, we are unable to continue business as usual beyond December 31, 2020. This is a most difficult decision. It makes us very sad but it is obvious that now is the time.

Even as difficult as this is, we have nothing but thankfulness to God for all He has done through Premier/DVTD. So many of you have served and worked for years in Premier. You have done your part to make Premier a blessing to thousands of others. The events and retreats and trips were all the results of your caring work. The Premier family is truly one of a kind. The charities and missions giving of over $120 million was not possible without you. We will be forever grateful. I hope your life has been touched and enriched as much as mine.

We were also excited about DVTD, and its potential to expand our reach and our mission. Unfortunately, while the excitement has been shared by so many of you, the results have fallen well short of what is required for us to sustain as a business moving forward.

The links in this email provide details about what this means for you, your team of Affiliates and your Customers.

While it is normal to feel sad about this decision in the moment, we must not lose sight of what God has done through this company since 1985. It is truly remarkable, and its impact will live on through eternity. The Lord put Premier in the heart of my parents, but He accomplished the mission and purpose through all of you! To God be the Glory!

With thankfulness,

Tim Horner
President, Premier Designs/DVTD

What is Premier Designs Devoted (DVTD)?

DVTD Giving Back

Premier Designs DVTD is a marketplace featuring new and existing products with a purpose, created by brands who use business to impact the world in a positive way. It is a place where people feel equipped, empowered and inspired to live a life that’s fully devoted. DVTD is an extension of Premier Designs' founding Purpose to Honor God, Enrich Lives and Serve Others in a way that amplifies and accelerates that work. Of course you are going to want to contact your jeweler to find out what their marketplace link is so they get credit, or just go to the marketplace to purchase if you do not have a jeweler.

The DVTD Plan

DVTD is a company that provides a marketplace with a mission. DVTD, the company, supports various causes and organizations from the revenue generated through all orders it receives (regardless of what products are chosen).

Every product featured in the DVTD marketplace is a "product with a purpose," meaning the brands behind the products are social enterprises that use their business to support larger causes (like child nutrition, anti-trafficking, job creation in poverty-stricken areas, etc.). A requirement for any product to be featured in the DVTD marketplace is that it must meet these requirements as a social enterprise. Therefore, every order placed through DVTD has the power to impact multiple causes at once, depending on the products you choose to buy.

We believe free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit are foundational in addressing the world's biggest challenges. Because of that we are constantly looking for new artisans, brands and companies to feature in the marketplace and share with a broader audience. We allow anyone to enroll as an Affiliate and earn income by sharing DVTD with others (and thus become social entrepreneurs of their own).

Our hope is to help thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs increase their reach and impact, and achieve the mission they are fully devoted to.

How do I become a Premier Designs DVTD Affiliate?

Kimbery Vista Premier Designs DVTD Affiliate

Hi! My name is Kim and I am a Premier Designs Affiliate! If you are considering becoming an Affiliate yourself, I would love to have you on my team. You can signup on Premiers' website using the button below. After you signup, please feel free to reach out to me to help you get started.

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