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3 Inspiring Choices To Become a Premier Jeweler

Welcome new or prospective jeweler! The goal of this page is to give you, the reader, a feel for what it means to be a Premier jeweler. Whether you are an existing Premier jeweler or considering becoming a Premier jeweler, my hope is the information on this page will prove to be valuable. Remember, always consult your Premier leaders for any further details that are not explained in the outline of this document.

For those that are currently in the business already would agree the signup process is relatively straightforward and simple. There are essentially three options to choose from: Luxe Launch Boutique, Simple Sparkle and Shine.

Simple Sparkle - $395

A not so aggressive approach would be Simple Sparkle for $395. You will receive $300 in retail jewelry spend and $50 in business essentials. Simple Sparkle is a great way to get started as a Premier jeweler.

Luxe Launch Boutique and Simple Sparkle are not expensive. For some this could put you out for a few months until you can start generating revenue from your jewelry sales. This is where Premier can get you started with special financing.

Luxe Launch Boutique - $795


Those that are planning on being in the business longer than 3 years should consider Luxe Launch Boutique. Luxe Launch is by far the best value at $795. You get $1,500 in retail jewelry spend and $200 in business essentials. This is a great way to jumpstart your business and makes starting up much easier.

Shine - $45/month

If this feels a little bit of a stretch for you or just wanting to try becoming a Premier jeweler, there is a third option. Shine could be the right option for you. Shine is a low cost, flexible options that can fit most budgets. It includes your personal website, $45 in jewelry spend and $25 in business essentials.

Below is a nice breakdown of all three options:

You're the BOSS for just $95/year

  • License to sell Premier for a year
  • Personal website included
  • Sign up by July 31st, 2020 and get...
  • $45 in retail jewelry
  • $25 in business essentials
Become a Premier Designs Affiliate!

Special Financing

Receive 6 months special financing on your initial investment. No interest will accrue for the first 6 months on purchases of $395 or $795. This is your Jewelry Rewards Credit Card and you will earn points for jewelry and more.

What You Get

It is pretty straightforward what it means to get X amount of dollars in retail jewelry, but a couple details need to be explained. First, the amount of money you get is based on the retail value of the jewelry that you choose, NOT the jeweler cost. The cash you are allowed to spend does not go as far as you might think.

Business essentials are tools that are used at your jewelry events or shows. For example, catalogs, planners, planner envelopes, display kit, ring sizer, hostess receipts and more. All of the business essentials are available to premier jewelers for purchase through the Premier Designs portal.

When you first start looking at the business behind being a Premier jeweler, it can get overwhelming. Have faith, it becomes a breeze as time goes on.

Let’s Get Started!

Preparing for the signup process requires that you have an email address and password and knowing what package you would like to begin with. Your options as described above are Luxe Launch, Simple Sparkle, and Shine. Once you have signed up, record your jewelry number either electronically or on a piece of paper.

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