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Get to know Premier.

What's your why?

Your why keeps you going when life gets tough. It's what you are passionate about and the touchstone for every decision. Wouldn't you love to design a business around what matters most to you?

A Strong Foundation

In 1985 Founders, Andy & Joan Horner, set out to start a business with the primary focus of giving back. Their dream was to create a company that placed people before profits and supported ministries and organizations around the world.

Today Premier is still debt-free, privately-owned, and is committed to placing people before profits.

You can trust our product, which is covered by an amazing Golden Guarantee.

Our philosophy

We believe God created every person with value.

We believe life's priorities should be God, family, and career.

We believe in America and the free enterprise system.

Our purpose

To enrich every life we touch.

To provide people a way to find identity, achievement and success.

To meet the personal and financial needs of all who become a part of our Premier Designs family.

Our objectives

God demands fairness in every business deal. He sets the standard and we desire to honor Him.

To grow wisely and profitably. To enrich every life we touch. To provide excellent service.

The legacy continues

We're building on our strong foundation.

We're forever thankful for the wisdom and insights of our Founders for building Premier on biblically-based principles. And while our jewelry, technology and marketing will continue to evolve, our philosophy, culture and foundation will remain unwavering.

We will always place our faith and trust in God, while remaining committed to serving others and, above all, honoring Him.

Be your own boss!

Premier is fun and profitable from the start!


Gross profit from day 1

You earn 50% of every item you sell at retail. And, it's easy to work your business anytime, anywhere!

  • online
  • social media
  • pop-up shops
  • in-person get-togethers
  • fundraisers

Generous perks make booking events easy

Plus, as a new Jeweler, you get to offer extra perks so ifs even easier to launch your business. See pages 12 and 15 for more details.

Boost your earning potential by helping others.

You'll earn 10% commission based on the wholesale amount of every Jeweler in your first 3 levels.

Ways to get started!

Choose a value-packed boutique:

Includes your license to sell Premier for an entire year, your personal website, and is customizable with jewelry and business essentials of your choice.

Simple Sparkle

$300 in retail jewelry

$50 in business essentials


Luxe Launch
(best value)

$1,500 in retail jewelry

$200 in business essentials


Or for a flexible, low-cost start:

Shine - $45 a month includes your personal website and allows you to earn free jewelry and business essentials of your choice.

Retail jewelry
Business Essentials
day one
after 3 months
after 6 months
after 9 months

A season or a lifetime—you choose. After your initial boutique, you can continue to sell Premier for $395 a year or $45 a month. Plus, you'll get more perks along the way!

Shoot for the stars!

Achieve STAR, our first level of leadership and receive $100 in retail jewelry and a charm!

Simply sponsor 1 new Jeweler and submit $1,000 Commissionable Volume (CV) to reach Star.

JumpStart Bonus

JumpStart your business by achieving Star within 90 days and you'll earn even more free jewelry!

30 days
60 days
90 days
in retail jewelry
in retail jewelry
in retail jewelry

Earn even more in jewelry and cash bonuses as you continue to grow. Talk to your Jeweler for details!

Generosity never goes out of style!

These generous perks will help you build your business.

As you share the jewelry with your Hostess and her guests, your Hostess will earn 30% in free jewelry plus up to 8 items at half-price. All for a Jeweler Share of only $10.

As the Jeweler you can be your own Hostess and enjoy all the perks!

During your first 60 days, you can offer your Hostesses even more free jewelry with 50% Hostess Perks—making it even easier to get your business off to a great start!

Keep customers coming back!

GEM Member rewards are the no-sweat way to encourage repeat business!

Your customers can become Gem Members for just $39 a year, and they'll receive:

During your first 10 days, you can offer your customers a FREE Gem Membership on their individual order—making it even easier to get your business off to great start!

People before profits

As a company, we focus on the impact we can have on both you and others around the world. This goes beyond selling jewelry. The philosophy of Premier has always placed people before profits. It is about people coming together for the purpose of enriching lives.

The money you earn may help you put food on your table, and in turn a child in poverty will receive critical medical care. Your hard work may result in making your mortgage payment and at the same time help provide children with a safe and nurturing place to learn.

You may come to Premier with the hope of meeting needs in your life, but it's exciting to consider how your work building a Premier business will impact the world around you with renewed hope.

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